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Grace Church Milton Keynes - Christmas Activities
Christmas /Christmas at Grace Church

Celebrate Christmas at Grace Church

Carols by Candlelight
Sunday 16th December at 5pm
[NB: no morning service!]

Family Service

Family Celebration
Sunday 23rd December at 10:30am
Games, Prizes, Videos & all sorts of fun!

Come let us adore Him

Both at Middleton Primary School, Noon Layer Drive, Milton Keynes MK10 9EN

Want to get the best out of Christmas?

The true meaning of Christmas can easily get lost among the season's hustle and bustle, but making room to consider Jesus' birth will deepen your appreciation of Christmas no end. Try using some of the season's trappings as reminders of what Christmas is all about. When you see a nativity scene, let it remind you that the Son of God's life on earth really happened in human history. When you hear Christmas music, remember that the first carol was sung by angels to announce that Jesus is good news for ordinary people. When you pay for presents with your credit cards, consider how Jesus has fully paid the debt of our guilt and shame. And when you receive gifts this Christmas, be aware that Jesus' gift to us, if we will accept it, is eternal life.

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