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Download MP3 file What are you preaching on about?
1 Corinthians (1: 1-31)
James Davies | 09-Jul-17
How can God be foolish or weak? Our preaching seems foolish to unbelievers who explain everything away, but God saves when it connects with faith. 

Download MP3 file How God Changes Me
Philippians (Ch.2)
Jon Kempster | 02-Jul-17
Why don't we see changes in our life? Sometimes we have faulty assumptions, but there IS a right formula for Life Change, and it's a team effort!  

Download MP3 file Hearing God's Voice
Acts (Ch.10)
Sheila Kempster | 25-Jun-17
We must train ourselves to listen to God, give up time to it - and expect our orderly existence to be challenged when he hear his voice. 

Download MP3 file Strength to Love
Ephesians (3:14-20)
James Davies | 18-Jun-17
We must experience God's love, not just know it. Repent, acknowledge God, and move forward instead of staying in a loop of frustration. 

Portable Document FileDownload MP3 file Be filled with the Holy Spirit

Tim Green | 11-Jun-17
How to be a blessing (as well as being blessed) by continually being filled to overflowing by the Holy Spirit 

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