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Download MP3 file Do Not Be Afraid
Immanuel: God Is With Us | Matthew (1:18-25)
Sheila Kempster | 03-Dec-17
God is with his people, so there's no need to be afraid. Joseph believed God rather than his circumstances, so was able to choose the way of love. 

Download MP3 file Life at a Touch
Luke (5:12-14)
Roger Webb | 26-Nov-17
Jesus feels our pain with a passion. He touched the man - revolutionary! If jesus is so delighted to heal, why do we take so long to cry out to Him? 

Download MP3 file Standing Firm
COLOSSIANS - Jesus: Lord Over All | Colossians (4:7-18)
Tim Gannon | 19-Nov-17
Are we in danger of becoming lukewarm? Paul shares his desire for this church to be encouraged, standing fully assured in the will of God. 

Download MP3 file Gracious and Salty!
COLOSSIANS - Jesus: Lord Over All | Colossians (4:5-6)
Tim Gannon | 12-Nov-17
Do you see yourself as just surviving in a bunker? - or in a beachhead with a plan and a purpose! Will you be a missionary to Milton Keynes? 

Download MP3 file Prayerful thankful people
COLOSSIANS - Jesus: Lord Over All | Colossians (4:2-4)
James Davies | 05-Nov-17
How can we "continue steadfastly in prayer" without specific instructions from the Bible? - by keeping an alert mind and a thankful heart! 

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