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Download MP3 file Elders, Overseers and Shepherds
Acts (20:17)
Martin Tibbert | 18-Feb-18
Martin's preach at the appointment of Tim Gannon as Lead Elder 

Download MP3 file The Door of Hope
Joshua: Onwards and Upwards | Joshua (Ch.7)
Sheila Kempster | 11-Feb-18
Achor stole what was devoted to God and brought destruction on his people as well as himself. What are our "devoted things" that we dare not misuse? 

Download MP3 file See, trust and obey - first steps in the Promised Land
Joshua: Onwards and Upwards | Joshua (Ch.5&6)
Tim Gannon | 04-Feb-18
The Jericho military trusted in their own ingenuity; the Israelites' strategy came after an encounter with God. What are your "walls of Jericho" 

Download MP3 file Into the Place of Promise
Joshua: Onwards and Upwards | Joshua (Ch.3&4)
Roger Webb | 28-Jan-18
Are we as totally available and committed to God as the Islaelites were, crossing the Jordan? Are we walking by faith, not sight, as they had to? 

Download MP3 file Faith in Dark Places
Joshua: Onwards and Upwards | Joshua (2:1-24)
James Davies | 21-Jan-18

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