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Download MP3 file Who are we? Who is God?
COLOSSIANS - Jesus: Lord Over All | Colossians (1:1-2)
Tim Gannon | 10-Sep-17
We can only truly know who we are when we first know who God is. 

Download MP3 file Let's Go Forward Together!
Hebrews (10:19-25)
Roger Webb | 03-Sep-17
Let’s be encouraged, and also encourage each other, to go forward together into everything that God has promised and made possible through Jesus. 

Download MP3 file Hearing From God: Part 2
1 Corinthians (12:1-11)
Sheila Kempster | 27-Aug-17
We need to tell our stories more. We bring heaven to earth, but the Holy Spirit wants us to do it better. 

Download MP3 file A Fishing Trip to Remember
Luke (5:1-11)
Roger Webb | 20-Aug-17
Life-changing opportunities can arise if we’re prepared to seek God, trust his word, and move out into ‘deeper waters’ of faith. 

Download MP3 file The Power of a Faithful Friend
Acts (9:1-31)
Jon Kempster | 13-Aug-17
Barnabus stuck with Paul and they changed the world. We have Jesus, closer than a brother to us. Does someone need you as a faithful friend? 

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