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Debt and Money

For many years Grace Church ran its own independent Debt Advice Centre (Money Matters) but in 2019 we joined forces with MK Money Lifeline to enable even more people throughout Milton Keynes to be helped and served in this vital way. This continues to be a significant ministry Grace Church is privileged to be part of.

Money Matters

MK Money Lifeline

We recognise that debt is one of the biggest causes of stress in our modern world. Not knowing how to pay the bills or feed the kids can lead to depression and massive pressure on relationships.

In fact, we think that getting the financial side of life sorted is so important that we partner with MK Money Lifeline, a free, face-to-face money and debt advice service for people living in and around Milton Keynes.

Money Lifeline's trained advisors offer commitment, honesty and an holistic approach that cares for you as a whole person. They can:

– sort out those worrying letters and explain any difficult financial terms
– create a budget that works for you
– negotiate with your creditors on your behalf
– help you find the most suitable option to deal with any debt

Clients regularly say to us, "I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders".

Money Matters - MK Money Lifeline

Get in touch

It is always a great idea to get help as soon as possible, so for more information and to get in touch:

Call MK Money Lifeline for advice:

Tel. 0300 1235 198

MK Money Lifeline, Acorn House, 391A Midsummer Boulevard, Milton Keynes MK9 3HP.
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Have you been financially affected by COVID-19 and don't know where to turn?


Call the COVID-19 Finance Signposting helpline on
0800 121 8321

We're open Monday to Friday 2pm - 6pm.

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